Nowhere is a 2D platformer demo entirely developed on my own around a simple idea: create the most enjoyable controls possible, whose sensations are only based on programming, without any sprite, sound, animation, vfx or additional trick.
All shapes are derived from a simple white pixel, stretched and colored to create each element of the scene.

All physics collisions rely on a custom wrapper using Unity’s 2D physics API, bypassing native engine systems (which are disabled). Special attention has been paid to optimization, so that no additional memory allocation is generated. The game runs with a computation time of around 0.2 millisecond per frame, or more than 4,000 frames per second.


          Developed during the first half of 2020 in parallel with my final year of study, in C# using Unity, the project is publicly accessible through my Git Hub account from the link below.

The player can perform the following actions:

• Move in space
• Jump
• Wall jump
• Crouch and slide
• Dasher forward
• Attack
• Reset the game

‘↑ ↓ ← →’ (Arrow keys)
‘Space Bar’
‘Space Bar’ (When the character is against a wall)
‘W’ (Hold ‘Left Shift’ and a direction for a special attack)


  • Custom update system, centralizing the update of all MonoBehaviours in the scene from an UpdateManager using a dynamic interface system, resulting in a more flexible system at a lower cost.
  • Unity 2D physics API wrapper based on shapecasts and overlaps. Allows more precise collision calculations, determined according to the object collider and the type of desired behavior, all of this at a lower cost and without memory allocation.
  • Character controls with a variety of gameplay mechanics (jump, wall jump, dash…), and game feel polish.