The Dreadful Show is a cooperative beat ’em up playable up to four players, online or locally, taking place in a Freak Show atmosphere. Play as one of the 4 star « freaks » from Mr Loyal’s circus, each with their own abilities, and conduct an investigation based on punches in the face to uncover the origin of the mysterious bewitchments hovering over your circus.


          This is a student game, developed by the third year video games team from the EPIIC school (now renamed as Brassart) in Montpellier, France, during the 2018 / 2019 school year. This was our first big game (except Game Jams) which development took place on almost an entire year.
A prototype was made from October to Decembre 2018, then the production stood from January to Octobre 2019.

Developed using the Unity engine in C# as well as the Photon Unity Networking (PUN) plugin for everything related to networking.

The game is now available for download – free of course – on PC for Windows:

TDS Screenshot
TDS Screenshot
TDS Screenshot
TDS Screenshot
TDS Screenshot
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Gameplay Programming:

  • Development of the playable characters (movements, collisions, controls, actions & abilities)
  • Combat system (HitBox, combos, attack management…)
  • Camera
  • Throwable objects and ballistic calculations
  • Dynamic events system
  • … And much, much more
  • Networking of all these elements.

Tools Programming:

  • Multi-Tags system for Unity
  • Sprites color management (grouping and quick modifications of the levels color palette)
  • Custom editors (enhanced ergonomics, adding of multiple buttons and additional informations).
TDS - ColorEditor

Level-Art / Level-Design:

  • Creation of the design of each level
  • Assembled and colored Sprites and masks to create unique environments
  • Creation and management of environmental animations and in-game cutscenes
  • Placement of events, waves of enemies and balancing.

A game made in sweat, blood and tears

Dreadful Team